Wednesday, May 12, 2010

265 years ago today...

May 11th marks the anniversary of the Battle of Fontenoy, Marshal de Saxe's most famous victory.
Let us quaff a tankard of brandy or a bottle of wine to all who fought and fell on both sides.


I'm shocked to see it's over a year since I last updated the blog.  Time flies much too fast.

Nevertheless, the anniversary seems to make this a good time to take up the digital quill and to  delve into the mid-18th C. world of the Pragmatic army again.  

So in commemoration- and guilt at not keeping this blog more active- tonight I have been working on some Dutch and French for the War of the Austrian Succession.  My "French" commander is finished and can be seen here, but for the Pragmatic Army I'm also working on an Imperial command stand as well as a Dutch artillery crew that are both near completion, with some infantry waiting in the wings.

I'll post some pictures soon, along with some snippets of information I've managed to find over the past year or so.


Prince Lupus said...

Consider a glass raised!

abdul666 said...

But... 265 years, I suspect? Or I'd be borne in 1844 and be in the Guiness book of records...

Bluebear Jeff said...


I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen a post from you in ages.

Welcome back, sir. I have very much enjoyed your WAS posts in the past . . . and purchased a book you touted too. So please don't make us wait another year for more from your quill.

-- Jeff

Robert said...

Oops! 265 years it is. Well, I did say time flies!

Duly corrected. Thanks for noticing, Abdul. If I were indeed using a quill I'd be making a lot fewer typos.