Saturday, May 15, 2010

Relation de la Campagne en Brabant et en Flandres, MDCCXLVII

I love Google Books, even if (understandably) modern authors who find their works posted therein would probably like to arrange to have a horse's head placed in Sergei Brin's bed on account of copyright violations.

But it is one of the real benefits of the digital revolution that great old books like this one are being put on the Internet.  

Sure, it is in French- a rather archaic French at that- but as far as I am aware, how else can an anglophone reader get hold of a copy of A Relation of the Campaign in Brabant and Flanders in 1747 by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Damarzit de Sahuguet d' Espagnac?

Published in 1748- just a year after the events it describes- the book recounts the Battle of Lauffelt and the taking of Bergen-Op-Zoom.  

Included are maps and, at least for the French army, full orders of battle as well.  What a find!  I've downloaded the PDF file and will steadily work my way through it.

I've half a mind to translate it myself, even if my French is not what it once was.  From what I can tell so far there is some fascinating information to be gleaned here.  

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't read French (or speak it either) but for those who do, this seems like quite a find.

-- Jeff