Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Blutige Rückseiten"

Not a lot of blogging time for me recently. Work has been keeping me pretty busy at the computer, and the last thing I've been wanting to do when I got home was to spend even more time gazing at a monitor!

I have been able to get in some painting time- which should trump blogging anyway if I am to make any progress on the heaps of lead and pewter that I have stacked around the house.

But I have no intention of seeing my blog go dormant, so while I work on my French and Dutch, here is the plan for the Hanoverian infantry brigade. I will be recruiting these fine fellows from Front Rank.

click on the picture for a bigger view

Monroy's Brigade was present with the Army of the Pragmatic Sanction at the Battle of Dettingen in 1743. It consisted of the following regiments;
  • Zastrow (SYW No. 1B Alt-Zastrow)
  • Monroy (SYW No. 4B von Stolzenberg)
  • Middacten (SYW No.5A von Grote)
  • Böselager (SYW No. 7A von Wangenheim)
  • Sommerfeld (SYW No. 10A von Post)
I already have two stark-naked metal battalions already lying around and taunting me with their (unfinished) presence, but I will not be working much if at all on the Hanoverians until I have at least two other brigades painted and based (I really need to get working on increasing my collection of French). Still, it's good to have a plan.


Bluebear Jeff said...

A friend of mine (Bruce Brown) often quoted a friend of his:

"A plan gives you something to deviate from."

It sounds silly, I know . . . but you'd be surprised how often it comes into play.

For my purposes, 1B and 7A are too close . . . the only difference in their uniforms is the lace color . . . but then I'm not the one painting the army.

I hope to see photos sometime relatively soon.

-- Jeff

Robert said...

Too true! "Plans, like promises, hearts, and fine china, are made to be broken"!

Actually I find that the white and buff colours can contrast with each other quite nicely on the tabletop, and I like working with both. They look great against red.

The Dutch are looking very nice so far, I'm going for a simpler painting technique this time. So I hope to make good progress over the next week if work allows. The current economic turmoil has resulted in a lot of target revisions!

Anonymous said...

Ludwig August von Monroy (Huegenot descent) was killed at Dettingen I believe. Head blown off by a cannonball.