Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Will ye go to Flanders?"- the soundtrack!

Someone directed me to this YouTube video featuring the Celtic group The Birken Tree playing one of the many versions of the old song from which this blog gets its title.

If you like Celtic music, you'll probably enjoy this. "Titanic" set in the Low Countries...


Anonymous said...

Robert: wonderful blog. I stumbled across it while reserching dutch for the Austrian War of Succession ( the first prussian war of aggression?)

I tried to find Raucoux, Rucoux, Rocourt last January while drivng around Liege. No luck. do you know if the villege still exists?

by the way I got my first "lift" of eureka miniatures 28mm Dutch. they're superb.

I hope you keep this blog up.

Long live the Empress Queen

John Wright

Robert said...

Thank you, John- it is always nice to know that people are reading and enjoying the blog.

Rocourt still definitely exists, although it looks like it is pretty much a suburb of Liege. I've added a post with a piccie and some links.

My first instalment of Dutch were sent Friday (the infantry). I'm frothing at the mouth to get them!

If they are as nice as the French Revolutionary range that Alan Marsh just did for Eureka, they will have been well worth the wait!