Saturday, October 4, 2008

Roucoux (Rocourt) today

In answer to John' Wright's question about whether Roucoux/ Rocourt still exists.

A map showing the location of the town of Rocourt (as it appears to be known today), north of Liege (and not all that far from Fort Eban Emael of WW2 notoriety). I've added a line to show the -extremely- approximate position of the Pragmatic army on the morning of October 11th, 1746.

A lot appears to have changed since 1746, including many place names. However, Rocourt and Liers still stand, as do the now combined villages of Fexhe-Slins on the right flank of the allied line.

Click here to see the satellite view on Google maps.

Compare it with the map given in the "British Battles" website for Roucoux.

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